Foundations for Peace (FFP) Program

Publication Date: 27/10/2016

The Foundations For Peace (FFP) programme received a grant of EUR 7,602,035 under the Reconstruction Tender from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme was implemented in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia1 during 1 July 2012 - 30 June 2016. The FFP programme aimed at addressing the underlying causes that inhibit human security and sustainable development in countries in (or at high risk of) violent conflict and was operationalised into 3 outcomes: (1) Capacity building of civil society on conflict prevention and resolution, (2) Improved role of women and youth (male/ female) in governance and (3) Improved economic opportunities for women and youth. The nature of the FFP programme differed per country as the outcomes were adapted to fit the local country contexts. In Afghanistan there was a strong focus on women's rights whereas in Yemen the focus was on providing (economic) opportunities to youth at risk of falling into conflict. [70 pages]

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