Integration of Men and Boys into Gender-Based Violence Education Arabic

113-page evaluation on the manifestations of gender-based violence among young people and men and how to confront it and reduce its spread and causes. Read More...

Evaluation to “Strengthening Civil Society Participation in the Agricultural Sector in Egypt-SCPAE” Project

This 107-page study aims to evaluate the SCPAE project through explaining the following aspects: 1) Assessing the rationale of the SCPAE project; 2) Assessing the efficiency of the project in achieving the planned activities and results; 3) Assessing the impact of the project and identifying the unintended results achieved from the project; 4) Exploring the level of project sustainability and the possibility of scaling-up the project in the future; 5) Exploring the key challenges which the project faced or still faces. The study concludes by summarizing the strengths and success of the project in addition to the points of weaknesses or areas for improvement in the project.

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