Case Study on Project Model of “My Right to My Future – Women’s Participation in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution” 2015-2017

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“Peace” remains a very controversial term in the Palestinian society. Talking about peace while tensions are again on the rise and divisions are growing seems like a hopeless task for many. In Palestinian context; peace building does not only refer to Israel and Palestine, but also refers to internal conflicts and the political division between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. These internal challenges are a main theme in this project and a high priority among the communities. Both cross-border negotiations as well as talks between national actors share the great absence of female voices and women representatives. A main need for inclusive peace building that can have a real impact is the greater involvement of women in circles of conflict resolution.

This document serves as a summary of the project’s implementation model, main activities and results highlighting the key choices for success. Data for this document came from team’s mid-term reports and the final evaluation, for which an external consultant collected data through focus groups, questionnaires and research. The Final Evaluation of this project is available for reference upon request. This model also connects to CARE Women Empowerments strategy (formulated in the document Gender Transformative Insights), which can also be requested from the project team for reference.

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