Baseline Assessment Report of Nutri on at the Center Project (N@C Ethiopia)

Publication Date: 20140801

Nutri on at the Center (N@C) is mul -sectoral project of CARE Ethiopia designed to improve the nutri onal status of women (15-49) and children less than 2 years of age in Ebinat and Simada Woredas of Amhara Regional State in Federal Democra c Republic of Ethiopia. The project plans to impact nutri on related behaviors, increase u liza on of maternal and child health and nutri on services, increase household adapta on of appropriate hygienic and sanita on prac ces and increase availability and equitability of access to nutrient-dense food. This report is compiled based on the baseline study conducted in the three districts from 26 January to 19 February 2014, just a er crop harves ng season in the sample districts. The baseline survey covered the two interven on and one control (Tach Gaint) districts.

Evaluation Type