NEW SCHOOLS PROGRAM: a final evaluation

Publication Date: 20080615

The New Schools Program (NSP) was a school-based reform project implemented by CARE International in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Education directorates in the governorates of Beni Suef, Fayoum and Minia. NSP was charged with increasing school access and enrollment of girls in underserved communities in Minia, Beni Suef, and Fayoum Governorates. The focus on access and enrollment of girls was enhanced through efforts to improve the teaching and learning, mobilize the local community around the importance of education (i.e., particularly that of girls), innovative and deliberative school construction (primary, preparatory, and community multi-grade schools) processes, and adult literacy initiatives. NSP had an extensive partnership that included both Egyptian government agencies, the private sector, Egyptian NGOs and international NGOs.
The purpose of this evaluation was to examine and report on NSP’s effectiveness in addressing the following Intermediate Results: IR 1-- Access to education increased for girls in targeted areas; IR 2: Improved teaching and learning practices in USAID-supported schools; and IR 3: Increased community participation in girls’ education. [178 pages]

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