Start Early: Read in Time (SERT) Endline Report

Publication Date: 20180615

Start Early: Read in Time is a CARE India Solution for Sustainable Development (CISSD) initiative in select districts of Uttar Pradesh and Odisha with an overall goal of improving “early grade reading skills of children (6-9 years of age), especially girls from marginalized Dalit and Adivasi communities in the formal primary schools in Odisha and Uttar Pradesh.”

In order to reach this goal of improving early grade reading in government schools, the project has been implementing innovate techniques in three districts in UP and one in Odisha since 2014. The project extended to two more districts in UP in 2016 and another district in Odisha in 2017. This report presents the findings of the endline study conducted in the initial four districts under the program, namely- Bahraich, Balrampur and Shravasti in UP and Mayurbhanj in Odisha. [86 pages]

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