Udaan: Catching the Missed Opportunity Project Baseline Report

Publication Date: 20141026

The Udaan: Catching the Missed Opportunity Project has been developed for 3 years focusing on developing and delivering an accelerated learning approach for girls between the age of 10 to 14 years who are from marginalized and socially excluded communities and have never been to school or have dropped out in their early grades. This project wants to give out-of-school girls a second chance by providing a catch-up course that is appropriate to their needs and that equips them with the necessary skills to lead a self-determined life. Through this project, CARE directly contributes to Nepal’s efforts towards achieving MDG-2. The goal of the project is that the participating adolescents together with their families become aware on their rights, educated, conscious on their roles, economically productive and empowered to fight against their social taboo and become less vulnerable for trafficking. Main objective of the project is to empower approximately 360 girls of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded families of Kapilvastu District, who dropped out from school to complete their primary and/or secondary education.

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