Atmanirbhar Project Impact Assessment Report

Publication Date: 28/02/2017

Implemented between December, 2014 to February 2017 with three months no cost extension, the project targeted newly married adolescent girls and women, women from ethnic and religious minority (Muslim women), groups and poorest strata of women of upper castes in the project VDCs Chhotkiramnagar, Rayapur, Semara, Thu. Pipaharahawa, Maryadpur, Bairghat, Ekala and Tenuhawa. The VDCs are located in mid-western and southern (Murchwar area) part of Rupandehi district. Atamnirbhar project focused to entrepreneurships skills development of women which has economically empowered to women and supported for the institutionalization of the seven cooperatives in project VDCs. These Women Agriculture Cooperatives are directed towards creating the sustainable rural employment, too. The main objective of the project was to make 1500 women members in 8 different women led saving & credit cooperatives and to create enabling-business environment to start up high growth potential women friendly micro business. It had of which 600 will be capable to run their own micro entrepreneurs.

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