CARE Rapid Gender Analysis Lombok Earthquakes Indonesia

Publication Date: 20180828

A Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA) provides information about the different needs, capacities and coping strategies of women, men, boys and girls in a crisis by examining their roles and their relationships, and the implications of these during displacement. As the response is affected by the aftershocks and the continued immediate response and evacuation, this document is intended to provide an initial foundational analysis of gender dynamics, drawing on pre crisis information and the immediate rapid survey conducted by country office staff. As the response continues and evolves, additional information, observation and data will help to expand the detail, and provide more nuanced recommendations.

The objectives of this RGA, therefore, were to better understand how women, men, girls and boys are affected by the earthquakes, the impact of the earthquakes on gender dynamics, and emerging opportunities to provide an emergency response that meets the differing needs and vulnerabilities of women, men, boys and girls.

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