CARE responds to the crisis of the Lake Chad Basin (LCB) since 2014 in Niger and 2015 in Chad and Cameroon

Publication Date: 20181115

The armed conflict in northern Nigeria extended to Cameroon, Niger and Chad created a humanitarian crisis that displaced 4,025,486 people (IOM DTM, April 2018). This crisis revealed a crucial protection dimension with, in particular, multifaceted violence against women and girls and the dislocation of families that left hundreds of thousands of women and children with the responsibility of caring for themselves and their families. CARE has responded to this crisis since 2014 in Niger and 2015 in Chad and Cameroon with a gender-focused approach. A gender impact analysis, funded by Global A airs Canada, was conducted in August 2018 in all three countries to assess the effectiveness of the gender mainstreaming approach used and its impact on men's lives, affected women, girls and boys and make recommendations for improvement.

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