COSACA 1 Final Evaluation

Publication Date: 20170115

The COSACA consortium composed of Save the Children, Concern, Oxfam and Care International implemented with DFID funding from 1st of October 2013 to 30th of September 2016, but extended to 30th of November 2016, a project called - Floods Emergency Response and from 15th of December 2015 to 30th of October 2016, extending until 30th of November 2016 a Preparedness and Drought Response Project. The consortium was set up with the aim of making intervention modalities efficient and effective in emergency response issues regarding prevention and mitigation of the impact of natural disasters in the country.
This report presents the results of the level of project implementation in the two components: drought and floods. The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact and sustainability of the activities implemented by COSACA, so that, on the basis of best practices and lessons learned, recommendations should stand out that will serve as a model for other consortia in Mozambique, in other African countries, and on the other hand, to improve future strategies for coordination and management of the consortium, as well as to propose better ways to implement future successful activities.

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