DEC Supported Emergency Response Project in Amran and Abyan Governorates, Yemen

Publication Date: 20180515

Under the Yemen Crisis Appeal and with the support from Disasters Emergency Committee, CARE Yemen has been implementing two emergency response projects in Abyan and Amran Governorates of Yemen with the aim of responding to the WASH, food insecurity and Cholera/Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) Crisis. This report provides the findings of the evaluation of the two phases of the DEC funded emergency response projects in Sawyer districts of Amran Governorate, Yemen.
The overall purpose of this evaluation was to ensure accountability and identify lessons learned and best practices so as to feed into and inform the decision making process of the project stakeholders, including the donor, beneficiaries, and government counterparts. In addition, the evaluation aimed to objectively assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the project in light of its objectives and provide recommendations for future programming. Furthermore, the evaluation assessed how the project ensured accountability to affected groups, considering the commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standards, and how the project ensured quality of implementation vis-à-vis emergency response standards such as SPHERE. [72 pages]

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