Emergency Food Security Mobile Cash Transfer Programme

Publication Date: 20170815

The Zimbabwe Emergency Food Security Mobile Cash Transfer Response (ZEFSMCTR) Program implementation commenced in April 2016 in Gokwe South; this was against a backdrop of increasing food insecurity in the targeted communities of the district. The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee’s (ZimVac) rapid assessment report of January 2016 had projected that 33% of households in the southern districts of the country would be food insecure during the peak hunger period (January to March 2016). The food insecurity was attributed to the El Nino phenomenon that resulted in poor crop and livestock performance resulting in a drought. The government of Zimbabwe declared a state of drought disaster for the 2015/16 agriculture season, on 4 February 2016 and appealed for humanitarian support of US$1.5 billion. [13 pages]

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