Enhancing Community Resilience Programme 2011-2017

Publication Date: 20180115

The Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) was designed to address the chronic climate vulnerability faced by rural people in Malawi. It started in 2011 and is closing in 2017. The purpose of the ECRP is to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate variability and change. DFID, Irish Aid and the Royal Norwegian Embassy fund the ECRP. Its total budget is £30.6m, of which £27m is provided by DFID.

ECRP had five major components that aim to build resilience to climate change. They are 1) improved capacity of local authorities (especially village, area and district civil protection committees); 2) improved and resilient livelihoods for vulnerable households in target areas; 3) enhanced early warning for District Governments and vulnerable households; 4) informed policy in areas relevant to climate and disaster resilience;
and 5) strengthened humanitarian response and recovery. Component 4 is managed by CEPA which aims to distil lessons learnt from the programme to advocate for improved policies and programmes at district and national level. Component five was added in 2015-16, following large scale floods that affected the country in January 2015, with the recovery component supporting households affected both by floods and the subsequent drought.

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