FSDU Final Project Report

Publication Date: 20170415

CARE International in Uganda with funding from FSDU implemented a twenty months digitalized financial service project targeting 12,350 youth in Kibaale/Kagadi district. The project end date was 31/12/2016. The project had an extension of three months, 1stJanuary to 31stMarch 2017 at IPO level and 28th/04/2017 at CARE level respectively. The project goal was that “Rural and peri-urban youth aged (15-30yrs) in Kibaale/Kagadi district have increased access to financial services and engage meaningfully with the financial market
actors for sustainable financial inclusion”. The project had four specific objectives that focused on; strengthening the organizational capacity of youth through Youth Savings and Loans Associations (YSLAs) as the first step towards inclusion in the financial sector; ensuring establishment of structures that enable the youth to access formal financial services; provision of technical support that builds the financial industry’s knowledge base that heightens youth financial inclusion and establishment of a structure that supports the formal financial institutions’ and telecom companies to outgrow the “sub-scale trap” and reach a critical mass of youth customers. [42 pages]

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