Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program, GEWEP II 2016-2018 Burundi, Final Evaluation Report, March 2019

Publication Date: 01/03/2019

The final evaluation of GEWEP II (a women's empowerment program implemented since 2016 in 7 provinces of Burundi and funded by NORAD via CARE Norway) set out to gauge the progress made but also identify the gaps that remain to be filled for the impact group (women aged 15-64 in the intervention area) to enjoy effective economic, social and political empowerment. The evaluation allowed a comparative study of the baseline situation (just as presented in the report of the baseline study) and the final situation resulting from the analysis of data collected on the ground in January 2018. The final evaluation data collection was conducted on a quantitative sample representative of 774 people including 406 women and 368 men. In addition to these quantitative data, qualitative data were collected from target groups and other key informants. [39 pages]

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