Global Mapping on Gender Based Violence

Publication Date: 20191201

Global Mapping Study on GBV. Led by CARE and ActionAid as co-leads of the task team the purpose of this study was to examine existing evidence around the issue of localization within the context of GBV prevention, response and coordination initiatives in humanitarian contexts. The study also sought to gather field perspectives on the state of GBV localization, and to examine the degree to which the global commitment to localization within the context of the humanitarian GBV sector has been operationalized.

Data was collected from a range of stakeholders participating in GBV coordination, including GBV Sub-Cluster Coordinators, representatives from local and/or women-led organizations, staff from national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) along with global leaders engaged in the localization debate. In line with the GBV AoR’s mandate, the primary focus of this study was on settings involving internally-displaced persons.

The final report is comprised of the following three documents:
- Summary Report (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Bahasa, and Bengali)
- Full Report: The full report contains a detailed description of the study’s background, methodology, findings, and recommendations, and provides a comprehensive presentation of the data gathered through this research along with implications for future action. (Link here:
- Appendix of Tools and Guidance: The appendix of tools and guidance serves as a companion document to both the summary and full versions of the report, and provides an overview of existing resource materials that have been developed pertaining to GBV localization.

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