Impact Evaluation Fact Sheet

Publication Date: 20221207

Bangladesh reports the fourth highest prevalence of child marriage (CM) globally, and the highest in South Asia, with 59% of the women aged 20–24 reported being married before the age of 18 and 19% before the age of 15. Globally, reducing CM poses a great challenge to policymakers, program developers, and implementers. Historically, the pace of reduction in CM has been quite slow with Bangladesh as the slowest among the South Asian countries, and recently the rate has stalled. The International Center for Diarrheal Research, Bangladesh(icddr,b) evaluated The Tipping Point Initiative (TPI), an integrated social norms intervention to reduce CM through the promotion of adolescent girls’ agency, creation of supporting relations and transforming norms driving CM. This brief summarizes, to the best of our knowledge, the first study of its kind in Bangladesh and the implications for both policy and practice.

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