Manual for Male Involvement in Maternal and Infant Nutrition

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Men’s involvement in the health of women and children is considered an important avenue for addressing gender influences on maternal and newborn health. Over the past 20 years infant and under-five mortality rates have been on the rise in Kenya, with current poor infant feeding practices contributing to more than 10,000 deaths each year.

In order to improve these practices, it is essential that mothers, caregivers, and family members have accurate information, as well as support to overcome barriers. For instance, engaging male partners in breastfeeding promotion and education, as well as providing fathers with knowledge and skills for optimal nutrition practices, including breastfeeding, has been shown to positively impact exclusive breastfeeding rates.

This training manual is highly participatory and relies on modelling activities, integration of critical assessment of activities throughout the training, called “Stepping Out,” and ultimately application and practice (Teach Backs).

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