Nourishing the Future Project: Baseline Study

Publication Date: 20170101

Conceptually the "Nourishing the Future" project is positioned in the Cargill - CARE alliance with the “purpose to contribute to food and nutrition security in sustainable environmental conditions, while ensuring that farmers (men and women) and their families, obtain an improvement in their livelihoods and income.”

The conceptual orientation enables the project in Guatemala, which begins its Third Phase, to generate conditions, through the development of skills and competences in families and communities participating in the project, the development of resilience to face the effects of climate change. It seeks sustainable long-term changes so that families living in extreme poverty surpass their current state. Its main topic of work and intervention "income generation through the development of agricultural value chains (mini vegetables: green beans and blackberries) and micro entrepreneurs linked to the Cargill supply chain."

This document contains the Baseline Report of the "Nourishing the Future" Project, which begins its Third Phase in Guatemala.

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