Nutrition at the Center Endline Report Bangladesh

Publication Date: 20180620

Rates of malnutrition among women and children in Bangladesh are among the highest in the world. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in many countries. Considering the serious effect of malnutrition, improved nutritional outcomes are intimately tied to Millennium Development Goals in improving maternal health, reducing child mortality and eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. CARE Bangladesh, in collaboration with Government of Bangladesh (GoB) implemented a Nutrition at the Center (N@C) program in Bangladesh with two-fold strategies that include integrating nutrition in existing community health system and promotion of multisectoral approaches to improve nutrition. Among others, the intervention includes, household food productions, water sanitation and hygiene, maternal and child health, infant and young child feeding, gender and women’s empowerment. For measuring the impact/effect of this intervention, benchmarks on important nutrition related indicators were established through a baseline survey conducted in the N@C intervention and control areas in 2014. [117 pages]

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