Political Consciousness, Leadership and Collective Action in the Mata Masu Dubara Structures in Niger

Publication Date: 20171215

This research study is part of a broader learning agenda contributing to CARE’s Impact Growth Strategy (IGS) in West Africa - “Women on the Move” (WOM). The purpose of this study is to learn from CARE Niger’s more than 25 years of experience with the Mata Masu Dubara (MMD) which has a proven track record of women's leadership and empowerment. It is also about informing efforts to scale up the MMD model and its impact in the region. The goal of the WOM strategy is to reach a critical mass that can serve as a lever for a vibrant social movement with potential for real transformation of social norms and laws in favor of the rights of women and girls. The overall premise of this direction is that social movements are essential for creating and sustaining long-term social change, and published research has shown that feminist activism is the most important and consistent driver behind progressive policy change. [22 pages]

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