Promoting an Enabling Environment for Women in Factories Final Evaluation

Publication Date: 20180215

CARE Bangladesh’s women’s empowerment wing launched the project titled “Promoting an Enabling Environment for Women in Factories (PEEWF)” in 2015 with a target to work with 3,500 workers and 6 factories (5 RMG, 1 Ceramics factory). The funding of the project has been provided by Galeries Lafayete. The RMG factories were all under Intramex group, a leading RMG manufacturing company of the country, whereas the ceramic factory was named Artisan Ceramics Limited. The specific objectives of PEEWF Project are to make the management of RMG and Ceramics factories and other targeted stakeholders responsive and accountable for creating a worker friendly environment, to enhance worker awareness, skill and understanding on gender discrimination, rights and entitlement to increase their participation in the workers committees and demonstrate leadership, to build the capacity of factory mid-level management on workers needs and rights, professional attitude and behavior and benefits of investment on workers welfare, and to mobilize the community to create enabling environment at the community level. [106 pages]

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