Resilient Livelihoods for the Poor (RLP) Baseline Report Cohort 2

Publication Date: 20160415

RLP is a pilot initiative that seeks to roll out a poverty alleviation strategy at the household level in two equal recruitment phases bringing in a total of 1,200 extreme poor households. The first recruitment phase or “cohort” was originally programmed to occur in late 2014 but was held-up until mid-2015 due to the absence of signed MU at the SPSL and IP levels. Cohort 2 is to recruit a further 600 households and will follow relatively rapidly behind the first cohort, meaning that the delays experienced with the first cohort, will be considerably reduced with the second recruitment of extreme poor households to RLP.1 Most second cohort recipients will come from the current three districts, although CARE will complete its approximate 200 recipient households in the new district of Moulapamok. RLP has three major series of activities providing: 1. Funds for the purchase of income generating assets; 2. An asset supporting monthly allowance (stipend) that should enable newly acquired and valuable assets to be properly cared for; 3. Training and mentoring by village level facilitators, working for the three IPs, in the care of those assets and the development of micro-enterprises based on the assets and the skills acquired.

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