Urban Protection Response Program

Publication Date: 20170315

CARE Jordan’s Urban Protection Response Program encompasses a resilience programming by managing a system of incentive-based volunteering and internship programs, creating opportunities for income-generation, conducting vocational and capacity-building training sessions, and providing kits and raw materials to facilitate the establishment of home-based businesses. Livelihood training sessions have included vocational skills such as beautification,
barbering, cooking, sewing, handicrafts design and production, and technological repairs and maintenance. CARE’s livelihoods impact assessment carried out in October 2016 indicated that these activities have improved participants’ resilience, with 60% reporting that they felt more economically self-reliant, and 75% stating that they had learnt new skills that would increase their chances of earning a better income. Respondents also indicated that their participation in livelihood activities had allowed them to develop new friendships and interact within their communities. In addition to livelihood activities, CARE Jordan has worked on building the capacities of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and supported the development of microbusinesses as well as savings and loans associations. [36 pages]

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