Sabal Midterm Evaluation Report

Publication Date: 20170928

The goal of the Sabal project is to increase the resilience and food security of targeted vulnerable populations in Nepal. The project, funded by USAID's Food For Peace from 2014-19, commenced in 2014 and is scheduled to end 2019. CARE is one of 7 technical partners and 17 local NGO implementing partners. Save the Children is the overall program leader and primarily responsible for implementation.

The project has three primary “purposes”: 1) livelihoods, 2) health and nutrition, and 3) disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation (DRR/CCA), as well as a cross-cutting component for gender and social inclusion. Under each design element are sub-purposes and accompanying activities that are meant to achieve sub-purpose goals but also to contribute to cross-purpose outcomes, as part of the desired integration strategy. (123 page evaluation)

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