Socio-Economic and Financial Profitability Analysis of Rice Seed Production by Women Groups “Nawe Nuze” in the framework of “Win Win” Program in Burundi

Publication Date: 20171015

mplemented in 6 communes of Kirundo and Gitega provinces in Burundi, the 4-year research program tests an innovative approach « gender transformative » for the agriculture sector. The approach begins with the development of critical thinking aiming at defying discriminatory social beliefs and norms, via a reflective model, community dialogue and collective action. CARE is evaluating how this innovative approach could improve gender equity and the way a particular attention on power relations and a wake of conscience could produce durable effects on food security, nutrition and population economic well-being. The ultimate goal of this research is to compare (1) a model of gender transformative (EKATA4 model) for gender equity and (2) a typical gender integration approach in the agriculture model (gender light model (light, normal or usual). [63 pages]