USAID/Zambia: Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing (PRISM) Program Mid-term Evaluation

Publication Date: 20130715

The objectives of USAID/Zambia: Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing (PRISM) Program mid- term evaluation were three-fold: a) to evaluate progress towards intended results made by PRISM towards intended results and describe the context and other possible factors also contributing to the observed changes; b) to determine the effectiveness of the activities, techniques, and processes deployed by PRISM to achieve the intended results within the five-year performance period and recommend modifications to project activities or priorities to address implementation issues, apply lessons learned, or capitalize on new opportunities; and c) to determine the sustainability of gains made through PRISM beyond the life of the program and recommend techniques and/or processes that would further ensure sustainability. A thorough evaluation of the PRISM program was conducted to assess progress towards results; appropriateness and effectiveness; PRISM responsiveness to Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) strategies and protocols; and sustainability. [91 pages]

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