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Soybeans for Smallholder Farmers Cultivation Practices Cargill PROSPER

Despite initiatives undertaken by some national and international organizations towards creating an enabling environment for soybean smallholders, most of such initiatives have been deficient in evaluating proper and improper current farming practices, which could have contributed to further reforming of this cultivation. Therefore, CARE International adopted the idea of preparing a study to measure and evaluate practices of soybean cultivation in the governorates of Minya, Beni Suef and Dakahliya. By using criteria and indicators of the reality and specificity of the soybean sector in Egypt, helping monitor and measure the form and degree of practices in order to identify problems, in such practices, suffered by smallholders and to find solutions that best suit them. [53 pages] Read More...

Origination and Development of the Soy bean small holder farmers in Egypt”

This 46 page final evaluation on CARE Egypt, with the support of Cargill Inc. and Cargill Egypt, implementation of the “Origination and Development of the Soy bean small holder farmers” project in the governorates of Minia, Benisuef and Beheira. The purpose of the 3-year project was to support the communities through increasing agricultural linkages by working to improve socioeconomic conditions for rural communities by increasing local production of Soy beans to reach 6000 metric tons of Soy beans throughout the project life. The project cooperated with the government through Extension Officers, farmers through their cooperatives and professional think tanks through the Agricultural Research Centers. Read More...

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